Our Services


Web Design

Web site development and maintenance is our core skill set. The latest in responsive design sites, conventional HTML design, WordPress, e-stores and content management are all produced in-house. We deliver quality web sites and want you to be proud of the site that represents your business.

Graphic Design

Irrespective of the application, our team of in-house graphic designers can produce stunning material for print or electronic application.


There is no substitute for a quality, high resolution image to communicate your message. Web, product promotions, catalogue or mass media – we cater for all applications.

Video Production

From a short clip for your web site, (and YouTube too) through to longer instructional videos or testimonials, Connexion can shoot the vision, write your script, record the voice-over and edit the final video.


We provide a complete advertising service which meets your marketing objectives. Copy writing, design, ad scheduling, rates, bookings, account management and material lodgement. Connexion takes the mystery out of advertising.

Email Marketing

When you have the need for a short, punchy message – or an urgent message that needs to get distributed quickly and noticed, then our HTML messages hit the target. We create the message to distribute to your database. It’s easy, quick and effective.

We can respond with a fully tailored package of services for exactly what you need, and if you're not sure, some of the below examples might spark your interest;

Media Relations

Our years of experience in dealing with the media, at all levels, ensures that your media relations program operates smoothly and effectively. There is no more powerful marketing message than a story in the media about your products, service or business.

Public Relations

The manner in which your “public” view you and your business is the domain of the PR professional. PR is about the reputation of the client, it is the result of what you do, what you say and what is said by others about you.

Technical Marketing

Not that long ago newsletters were only ever printed and delivered by Australia Post. While the format of the newsletter now embraces electronic distribution as well. The core function remains – effective communication. Print or electronic? We produce both and tailor the message to suit the media.


Whatever the marketing challenge, whatever your opportunity, Connexion will develop a practical and effective marketing campaign which will deliver results in line with your objectives.

Marketing Renewal

For when you already have a presence but want a face-lift or improvement.

Some examples could be;
• My website and/or brand seems out of date
• I want to leverage a larger market locally or online
• My website needs a graphic face lift
• We’ve acquired a new company\product, and want to integrate

With the increased need for ‘mobile responsive’ websites to work on smart phones and tablets, we’ve achieved great results re-building websites and branding for clients . In many cases, this has also been the perfect great opportunity to increase your marketing and customer options in to new areas, both physically and online.

The New

For when you’re fresh out of the gate and want to hit the ground running!

Some examples could be;
• I’m a new business and I’d love some branding and stationery
• I’ve never had a website before and want one built
• We’ve brought in a new company or product, and want to promote it

New websites, branding and stationery packages is the professional front to professionally start your business. We also help with newly acquired companies or products you need to integrate, or are want to expand your core brand.

Looking for a plan

Longer-vision marketing plans to help you make the most out of a new idea, product or direction

Some examples could be;
• My brand is fine, but I want help to effectively reach a goal
• I need advertising material offline and/or online
• I want help improving my existing

With over 30 years of experience we’ve seen how markets can rapidly change. Let us help you with a comprehensive, well explained and reported formal marketing plan. It can help you respond to changes and make the most out of your exposure, get extra touch-points in ways you might not have thought of, and have help along the entire process freeing you up to do what you do best.

The Big Event

Photography and video are a great way to show those who couldn’t make the event, what you are all about.

Some examples could be;
• I need help putting together media coverage of my event
• I’m putting together a talk and want a recording
• We’re releasing a new product and want coverage of the event

We’ve done new facility event coverage, openings, product launches, recorded training seminars, or just taken some fantastic photography of some stellar looking products. Getting the best view of your event, product or launch can help spread the word about what you do. From small to large, we can take the moment and make them last, get them out there, and get you the attention you deserve.