Multimedia Design for the modern age

Websites, social media, online video, marketing, event management and advertising have all grown and changed remarkably over the past decade. There are new ways to market your business and reach out to your customers. We work with clients to assess your needs and deliver on your specific objectives.

We create effective, cross-media marketing packages for you, the client, to bring your business to life. We work within your budgets to deliver a program which you will be proud to call your own...

Over 30 years experience

Bob Carter has been a leader of marketing and business for over 30 years. An ace in the industrial and marine sectors, Connexion has grown and embraced the new era of digital marketing.

Experience you can trust

  • Modernise your business with a new website – web site ‘makeovers’
  • Effective video advertising and marketing
  • Print advertising and real-media
  • Analytics and feedback

Video demos to excite and inspire!

A photo is great but a video can show so much more. When Skyreach developed their drilling attachment, a world first, what better way to highlight the unique features and specific application to drill into a rock face at height, than by video.

A Prime Example

We've been with Skyreach the whole way

From their beginnings with not much more than a few basic fliers produced in-house, we've grown with Skyreach as they have evolved to be one of the biggest privately owned hire and rental companies in the world... They've moved into the digital world with a comprehensive on-line presence, developed the Skyreach app, produced a suite of documents to assist clients and more to support detailed multi-million dollar tenders. Our support covers web, app, social media, vide, print, advertising and consultancy.